Unable to Walk and Left in a High Kill Shelter, Pepper’s Happy Ending Would Never Seem to Come

Pepper’s chances of survival at a high kill shelter were nonexistent. His poor body was attacking his joints leaving him unable to walk due to an autoimmune disease called IMPA (Immune Mediated PolyArthritis). His chances of surviving and finding a forever home were slim to none.

Friends United in Rescue heard of his situation and rescued him from his dim future!

Pepper now has hope and has been given a second chance at life! FUR is providing him with the best care and treatment possible! He’s a fighter and hard worker and has already improved but still has a long way to go! He will need surgery on both of his knees due to 90% of muscle loss and injuries caused by the lack of use of his joints. He will have to undergo 2 surgeries, one for each knee. He has enough raised for the first surgery but still needs $2,400. These surgeries will help him be able to walk much better and have a better quality of life!

After years of neglect, inability to walk, and living in excruciating pain, he deserves his happy ever after story! Let’s help him get his happy ending and raise the funds he needs for his surgery!

Together, we can change a heartbreaking story like Peppers into a rescued and happy one!

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