Senior toy poodle surrendered on Christmas Eve in need of a miracle

Bergamot found herself surrendered on Christmas Eve at a tiny, bleak, metal high kill shelter in a small town in the middle of nowhere in southern Texas. Her chances of leaving that shelter were slim to none being a senior dog in poor health. She was skin and bones weighing 5lbs, had tumors throughout her body, and decaying teeth. She needed a Christmas miracle!

Her miracle appeared in the form of Heather Hall from The Underground Dog rescue in Terlingua, Texas! Heather rescued Bergamot from her terrible fate and took her immediately to the vet to see how extensive her problems were. They found that her teeth were causing many of her failing health issues – not the tumors! They extracted all of her teeth, which helped her to feel better. She began to perk up more! The Underground Dog takes on dogs whose lives are in the balance and have no hope. They fight for their dogs’ lives and work with nonprofits to fly them out of Terlingua to their forever families in other states. Because Bergamot was in such poor health, she would not be able to survive a plane ride. So, Heather and her husband took her into their home to help her enjoy the last of her days being spoiled! They soften her food and have a special stool so she can eat with them at the dinner table. She even has comfy sweaters to help her through the chilly winter months!

I Love My Dog So Much Foundation community worked together to show Bergamot that she’s loved by so many from all over the country! So many of our supporters left messages for her on posts sending prayers and well wishes! They even raised enough funds to cover all of her expenses! She will never feel lonely again and is finally understanding what love and compassion are all about! Bergamot’s story shows how great an impact people coming together can make to change a life and that it’s never too late for a dog to get their happy ending and a 2nd chance!

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