I Love My Dog So Much

We have been busy with new & exciting updates!

I Love My Dog So Much Foundation has been busy with new and exciting changes! We have a new director, Temarie Kendall (her dog Khara is pictured above), who is contacting and networking with no-kill dog rescues that love and care for dogs as much as we do! Thanks to your donations, we have already been able to donate to many different dog welfare rescues across the country! 

We also have a newly designed website that is easy to navigate and shares more about who we are and what we do! Check it out here: www.ilovemydogsomuch.org

Please share our new site with other dog-loving nonprofits and rescues and dog-loving family and friends! The more others hear about us, the more we can help dogs all over the country! 

We also have updated our Facebook page with new content and stories of the amazing rescues that we have been able to help! Please follow and share our page so you can get updates on particular dogs and efforts that we have been able to help, learn about and share needs a particular dog or nonprofit are desperately needing, get pet care tips & tricks, and be a part of a dog loving community that wants to make a change and help save lives across the country! 

We’re also on Instagram @ilmdsmfoundation that will have similar content and updates as the Facebook page! 

Rescuing and caring for dogs across the country takes teamwork! It takes a team of rescues and nonprofits being the hands and feet, foundations like ours that can help fund all their efforts, and people like you that have a heart to help and want to do more! Please consider by being part of this team by donating to I Love My Dog So Much Foundation. We thoroughly research trusted no-kill dog welfare nonprofits that go above and beyond to save and rescue dogs in a variety of ways in their particular areas. There are so many dogs out there that need help and we can all work together to save their lives! 

Together we can make life better for more dogs – and more people!

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