Mother & Son’s Bleak Christmas Eve Night Became Their Christmas Miracle

Mama Mochi’s body displayed signs of her heartbreaking past. She was an American Bulldog who was overbred, neglected, unloved and abandoned. When it seemed her life couldn’t get worse, she and her 10-month-old baby were crossing the street and her baby was struck by a car on Christmas Eve. It seemed all hope was lost! But, their story didn’t end there. They were found by a Good Samaritan who took them to Underdog Animal Rescue in the Bay Area of California. This was the pivotal moment that changed both of their lives forever!

The Underdog Animal Rescue saves the underdogs that no one else will take. It doesn’t matter their breed or medical condition – they will work hard to get their dogs the help they need! Mama Mochi’s medical care was extensive. She suffered a terrible skin condition that was painful and itchy all over her body. She also suffered from entropion eyelids, which is where the eyelids are turned inward causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye causing severe pain. She needed immediate surgery but the skin on her face was so bad that surgery had to wait until her skin could heal.

I Love My Dog So Much Foundation heard of the heartbreaking story of this mother and son and wanted to help! We shared posts and created a campaign for them. Our community rose up and rallied behind Mama Mochi and Puppy Chunk! So many messages were written for them of prayers, well wishes, and support! Together, our community raised enough funds to cover the initial surgery Mochi needs!!! This is what I Love My Dog So Much Foundation is about! Dog lovers, donors, rescues/shelters all working together to help dogs in need! It takes a village to help dogs with severe needs get the help they desperately need! Mama Mochi and Puppy Chunk’s futures are forever changed, and they will end up with their happy endings in their forever homes thanks to Underdog Animal Rescue and I Love My Dog So Much community!

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