Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief

"Bad things happen in the world... like natural disasters. But of of those situations arises stories or ordinary people doing extraordinary things." -Daryn Kagan

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the midst of the most devastated areas in Louisiana hit by Hurricane Ida.

I Love My Dog So Much Foundation has partnered with disaster relief rescue groups that have been working long, hard, and hot days in the hardest hit areas impacted by Hurricane Ida. They have saved over 800 displaced or abandoned animals so far and are working hard to save more!

The Humane Society of Louisiana and the Animal Disaster Relief Coalition have many heartbreaking stories of animals whose owners left them behind chained up or even left beside the road in boxes during evacuations causing these poor animals to fend for themselves during the extreme winds and rain which caused flooding during the hurricane. Afterwards, they had no access to clean water or food and were exposed to extreme heat.

The Humane Society of Louisiana helped one such poor dog named Bear. He was left behind by his owners chained to his dog house while his owners evacuated. His dog house blew over and he was left out in the middle of the hurricane battling extreme winds and rain for over 12 hours! He was finally rescued and donations sent to the Humane Society of Louisiana were used to cover his medical bills! He now has a new family and is being well loved on and taken care of!

Needless to say, the rescue relief teams have been working hard on the ground saving as many animals as possible! They have also been driving several hours a day using a tank of gas each day to search for and rescue animals as well as getting much needed food and supplies to residents and shelters. They desperately need supplies and fuel to keep up their high demands for help! They rely on donations to help cover the day to day medical bills, supplies, fuel, and other added costs!

We have created a PayPal link especially for this crisis so the rescue teams can get funds as soon as possible!

Please click the link below to help in the rescue efforts!

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