How can you help?

Working Together to
Save and Love Dogs

ILMDSM Foundation was started to assist in the immediate need of the rescue and care of animals during a natural catastrophe. So many members of the ILMDSM community have come together through contributions to help in several rescue and aid efforts since 2016. However, our hearts want to help more! Caring for the health and safety needs of animals is an ongoing and huge task that is needed in your local community and across the nation. There are 23,008 animal protection and welfare services in the US – all with specific areas of help and needs (from ILMDSM foundation is coming alongside and partnering with local nonprofits to provide food, shelter, foster homes, transportation, vaccinations, and love and care for animals in need.

How Can You Make A Difference?

There are several ways you can help us in our efforts!


A little can go a long way.


Share a dog focused nonprofit that we can partner with to help with a particular need or one that aids in rescuing and helping dogs during natural disasters

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