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Our Story

ILMDSM foundation was birthed from the popular Facebook group I Love My Dog where dog lovers from all over the world can come together to share stories and photos of their dogs that they love so much! The page also shares stories of dogs in need and how they were rescued through the aid of several different animal welfare organizations.

We wanted to help!

In 2016, we partnered with and worked alongside several animal welfare rescue nonprofits saving animals that were trapped and/or abandoned during a natural disaster. In spending time working hand in hand with these nonprofits, we learned that many have needs that they are struggling to meet and that a little added help and support can go a long way. This is when the foundation began to form.

We can do more!

While we will continue our efforts to help rescue animals during natural disasters, we are branching out to continually help save dogs. How can one organization help when there are so many dogs that need help? This is where we saw a need and are fulfilling it by providing help in so many different ways to help rescue dogs! We have a broad brush stroked vision not focusing on just one area of need but in helping all kinds of different animal welfare nonprofits in a variety of ways. Our ever expanding network of nonprofits that we work with allows us to send funds to areas of greatest need enabling to help in all facets concerning welfare for dogs.

We need your help!

It takes a pack/teamwork to help with rescue and aid dogs – will you join our efforts in making that happen?

A Few of our Partners

Meet Our New Director and Her Furry Co-Worker

Hi! I’m Temarie, and I’m the new director for ILMDSM foundation. My cute, little, furry co-worker Khara, who is a cocker spaniel, and I are so very excited to join the foundation to help support the health and safety needs of animals! I have a huge heart for animals and nonprofits. My name means “one you can depend on” and Khara means “joy”. You can depend on me to help the ILMDSM community to grow, so we can work together to help spread joy in saving and rescuing animals! I have worked in or served as a volunteer in a nonprofit since 2002 in a variety of ways. I have always lived in a home with a furry, four legged family member, and they have all had a very special place in my heart!

I Love My Dog So Much Foundation

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