5 tips for keeping your dog entertained while you’re away

Your dog is your bestest friend and would love to never have to leave your side – but life happens and schedules get busy with errands, work, school, meetings, etc. and your dog has to be left home alone. How can you keep your dog entertained and less bored while you’re away? Try these 5 tips and tricks to make the time away a little more enjoyable for your dog!

  1. Turn on the TV or music – some dogs have particular sounds, shows, music that they like! Break the silence and find what works best for your dog!
  2. Webcam – get a webcam that not only shows what your dog is doing but one that allows you to be able to talk to your dog. Your dog would love to hear your voice even if they can’t see you!
  3. Fill a Kong toy with treats and/or hide treats throughout the house for a little game of hide and seek. This will keep you dog both physically and mentally entertained!
  4. Confined space – some dogs prefer smaller spaces like a crate or part of a room blocked off with a gate. Crates can serve as a comforting safe and respite space for your dog. Add in a comfy bed and an article of clothing with your scent on it to make it even more special and inviting for your dog!
  5. Hire a dog walker to get your dog outside and expend some energy!


Credit: iheartdogs.com

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