3 yr old Great Pyrenees named Matlock

A 3 yr old Great Pyrenees named Matlock was living on his own in a small ranching community of fewer than 100 people. He was struggling to survive in the extremely hot TX heat. He had many health issues and was severely emaciated with tick fever. A kind-hearted rancher noticed him and that he needed help that he couldn’t give him. That’s where The Underground Dog came to his rescue!

Matlock has many health issues – some that have been diagnosed and others that he still needs tests to figure out what’s going on.


Matlock needs your help! His medical bills are quickly piling up and he needs more tests to help him get answers to his health issues. Will you become a part of his rescue story and help him get the care he needs? Our goal is to raise $1,000 for his medical bills. Each and every donation helps!


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