We Help Dog Nonprofits

We partner with shelters and rescue groups to support the health and safety needs of dogs.

Are you a shelter or rescue?

It takes teamwork to help rescue dogs! We love partnering with and helping local dog nonprofits with specified needs and providing aid during natural disasters!

Does your dog nonprofit help rescue and aid animals during natural disasters or are you a local animal shelter that could use some encouragement and help with a particular need? 
We’d like to help!


"ILMDSM has supported emergency medical intervention that has saved the lives and maximized the comfort of 13 dogs who would otherwise been at great risk due to insufficient resources and challenging access to veterinary care! As a young, small, foster-based rescue, their support helps us deliver our commitment to rescue every dog who is an adoptable pet, regardless of medical needs. On behalf of these dogs and the adoptive families who love them, we thank you!!"

Mission Statement

The ILMDSM Foundation is dedicated to the health and safety needs of dogs. We specifically identify and work with the needs of local dog welfare organizations by working together to provide food, shelter, foster homes, transportation, medical treatments, vaccinations, and love and care for dogs in need. We also partner with local animal rescue organizations across the country by providing help and aid during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires.

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